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Level Up’s Financial Plans are personal Financal Strategy Guides for early and mid career professionals.  If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking about what is best for your family.  Whether it be a new career, change of location, or a growing family, I want to ensure you’re confident in the financial choices you make. 



Investment management is a popular topic with financial advisors, but oftentimes that’s all the advisor provides.  Level Up Financial Planning feels that investment management is only, as good as, the plan behind it.  Investment management is offered as an additional service, but is not required to work with us.



Depending on your current situation, life may not be too complicated.  In this instance I can assist with short-term planning needs on an hourly basis.  Examples of  Sprint Projects would include: Debt Repayment Planning, Student Loan Analysis, Life Insurance Needs Analysis, or Education on Financial Topics.


Level Up Financial Planning’s Why

Hi, my name is Lucas Casarez. I started Level Up Financial Planning to bring financial planning to those who need it most, Gen X/Y professionals & growing families.  Over the last seven years, my life has been filled with dramatic changes.  My wife and I moved across the country, juggled work and college, have purchased two homes, have two dogs, and had our son, Avery in 2017.  Even with my knowledge on finances, all of these changes involved some degree of financial stress.  I want to guide my clients through all of the important transitions that keeps most people up at night and take their financial confidence to the next level.

I look forward to helping you discover the financial balance between enjoying life now but also ensuring a future that you can be excited about.

Lucas Casarez

Certified Financial Planner ™

Professional Bio

Lucas’ foundation of financial interest was rooted in his first few years of employment at a local community bank in Illinois.  After discovering the impact financial planning has on peoples’ lives he moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to attend Colorado State University, which he graduated from in 2014 with a focus on Financial Planning.  Following graduation, Lucas worked for a top independent financial advisor in Northern Colorado where he served pre-retirees and retirees in building financial plans that aligned with their goals.  Wanting to make a greater impact on his clients’ financial lives, Lucas started Level Up Financial Planning, LLC to bring financial planning to young professionals and growing families.

Personal Bio

Lucas and his wife, Brittany, are originally from Round Lake, Illinois.  They moved to Fort Collins, CO in 2011 and it quickly became home.  Their son, Avery, was born in 2017 and it changed their lives in many amazing ways.  They also have two loving dogs, Oakley & Jackson.

In addition to hanging out as a family, they love to play sports, try new restaurants, hike, visit the local outdoor movie theatre, run, play video games (not so much lately), and travel.

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Professional Affiliations

My affiliations are important to my clients.

All three of my affiliations require that I act as a fiduciary for my clients, which means I have to act with your best interest in mind.  It’s really unfortunate that not all advisors have this requirement.

Signed Fiduciary Oath

Being a part of NAPFA means that we’re Fee-Only and all costs are transparent with no sales… ever! 

As a CFP® professional, it confirms for my clients that I’m able to assist them with their planning needs across many planning disciplines: Financial , Tax, Estate, Retirement, Investment, Insurance, & Employer Benefit, etc. .

XY Planning Network has been leading the charge for advisors to provide financial planning for the next generation and is a significant resource that allows me to tap the knowledge of like minded advisors across the country to always be on the cutting edge of creating value for my clients.

Level Up Financial Strategy Guide

You Receive

We will work collaboratively with you to develop your personal strategy guide over 4-5 meetings.  

All plans include the following:
Cash Flow, Debt Management, Insurance, Retirement, Tax, Estate (Additional scenarios are added based on need ex. Home Purchase, Education Planning) 

Find Out About the Process

Quarterly Check Ins

Life is constantly changing, it’s good to keep in touch quarterly to make updates to your plan for new possibilities.

24/7 Account Access 

One place to view your complete financial picture that you can access 24/7.  You can event store important documents securely.

Proactive Tax Planning

Did you know that you can control how much you may pay in taxes?  We plan ahead to be strategic with your tax planning.

Employer Benefit Review

Employer benefit enrollment comes at least once a year and with the start of any new position.  We will help you navigate your options.

Employer 401(k) Reviews

Your employer 401(k) is not free.  You have built in expenses that we will review to keep at a minimum and make sure your allocation fits your goals and risk tolerance.

Unlimited Access To CFP® Professional

You should never have to wing an important financial decision again.  I’m here to be your resource on any financial topic.

Specific Areas I Provide Value

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Level Up Financial Strategy Guide Pricing

Investment Management on accounts greater than $350,000 waives the fees listed below.

Recent Grad

$300 Up Front
1.5% of Income  
(Min $65/month)

Estimate Cost

Single Professional

$600 Up Front
1.5% of Income 
(Min $100/month)

Estimate Cost

Professional w/Family

$1,000 Up Front
1.5% of Income 
(Min $140/month)

Estimate Cost

Level Up Investment Management Pricing

The biggest risk that leads to poor investment performance is investor behavior.   My goal for you is to avoid making behavioral mistakes.

Investment Management on accounts greater than $350,000 waives personal strategy guides upfront cost & monthly cost. 

*Investment Strategies Carry Additional Cost

Annual Investment Management Cost

0.9% Annual Cost

Estimate Cost
  • Investments That Align With Your Risk Tolerance, Goals, Timeline, & Tax Status
  • Exchange Traded Fund(ETFs) Based Portfolios
  • Costs Are Prorated And Paid Quarterly
  • Access To Performance Portal
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Hourly Pricing

Hourly planning is designed to target problem areas.

Share with me what areas you need guidance on and we’ll focus on improving your confidence in that area.

Student Loan


  • Priority & Goal Discussion
  • Review Student Loan Scenarios
  • Step By Step Strategy Guide
  • Personal Finance Portal Access For 12 Months
Schedule Complimentary Call

Program (4 Months)

Add On


  • Paid Over 4 Months
  • Priority & Goal Discussion
  • Spending Analysis
  • Savings Strategy Guide
  • Check In’s Every Two Weeks
  • Personal Finance Portal Access For 12 Months
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Hourly Projects
(Examples Below)

Most popular

$200/ hr. 
(10 Min. Increments)

  • Debt Management Plan
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Education Planning
  • Combining Finances Discussion
  • Inheritance Organization
  • Any Other Financial Topic
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One Time
Financial Strategy Guide

Depending On Complexity

$2,000 – $4,500

  • 3-4 Meetings
  • Goal Discovery
  • Simplify Your Financial Information
  • Includes: Cash Flow, Debt Management, Insurance, Retirement, Tax, Estate (Additional scenarios are added based on need ex. Home Purchase, Education Planning)
  • Clear Action Items
  • Personal Finance Portal Access For 12 Months
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Education is an important value that we hope to provide.  Reading our blog is one of the ways we provide that education.  Contact us if you’d like to suggest a topic for our next blog or webinar.

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