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The Level Up Difference

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You deserve a professional relationship that puts your success first and foremost. Other than your immediate family, no one will care more about your financial well being than I do for my clients.

Traditional financial services are not built to serve individuals without large retirement assets. I am here to fill that void and help you have the confidence you need to live your great life.

Complimentary Consultation Value Provided to Clients

Wealth Builder

Wealth Potential Assessment
Financial Education

Project Long-Term Potential
Accountability Partner

No Asset Minimum 
No Experience Required 

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Address Complex Decisions

Spending Vs. Saving
Debt Repayment Vs. Investing 
Rent Vs. Buy 
Career Change
Employer Stock Analysis
Tax Planning

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Wealth Management

Understand Your Investments
Risk Assessment
Low Cost Investments
Tax Strategy

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Grow With You & Your Family

Combining Finances
Proper Life Insurance Coverage 
Planning for Children
Relocation Analysis
Monitor Probability of Success

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Level Up Financial Planning’s Why

Hi, my name is Lucas Casarez. I started Level Up Financial Planning to bring financial planning to those who need it most, Gen X/Y professionals & growing families. Over the last seven years, my life has been filled with dramatic changes. My wife and I moved across the country, juggled work and college, have purchased two homes, have two dogs, and had our son, Avery in 2017. Even with my knowledge on finances, all of these changes involved some degree of financial stress. I want to guide my clients through all of the important transitions that keeps most people up at night and take their financial confidence to the next level.

I look forward to helping you discover the financial balance between enjoying life now but also ensuring a future that you can be excited about.

Lucas Casarez

Certified Financial Planner ™

Professional Bio

Lucas’ foundation of financial interest was rooted in his first few years of employment at a local community bank in Illinois. After discovering the impact financial planning has on peoples’ lives he moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to attend Colorado State University, which he graduated from in 2014 with a focus on Financial Planning. Following graduation, Lucas worked for a top independent financial advisor in Northern Colorado where he served pre-retirees and retirees in building financial plans that aligned with their goals. Wanting to make a greater impact on his clients’ financial lives, Lucas started Level Up Financial Planning, LLC to bring financial planning to young professionals and growing families.

Personal Bio

Lucas and his wife, Brittany, are originally from Round Lake, Illinois. They moved to Fort Collins, CO in 2011 and it quickly became home. Their son, Avery, was born in 2017 and it changed their lives in many amazing ways. They also have two loving dogs, Oakley & Jackson. In addition to hanging out as a family, they love to play sports, try new restaurants, hike, visit the local outdoor movie theatre, run, play video games (not so much lately), and travel.


All of my affiliations require that I be a fiduciary for my clients. That is a fancy way of saying I have to do what is in your best interest. Unfortunately, not all advisors are held to this fiduciary standard.

–Signed Fiduciary Oath

NAPFA and the Fee-Only Network both require that I only receive payments from my clients. That means you will never be steered into a product that is not in your best interest. I have nothing to sell and receive no commissions.

Being a Certified Financial Planner professional means that I have met rigorous requirements (education, experience, ethics, and testing). This requirement assures my clients that I’m able to help them build a comprehensive financial plan.

The XY Planning Network is an organization that supports financial planners who wish to serve their peers in Gen X & Y, traditionally an underserved market.

Level Up Strategy Guide Process

A six step process that dramatically increases your financial confidence with each meeting.

It is easy to get started and each meeting builds on the previous.

Detailed Process

1. Free Consultation

Important call to verify I am the best fit to help you achieve your goals.

2. Discuss Values & Possibilities

What does your perfect life look like? Can we use your finances to build that life?

3. Get Organized

Have you seen your whole financial picture in one place? Imagine what it could look like a year from now if you have a plan.

4. Proposal Meeting

Clear recommendations on key action items to increase your financial confidence, prioritized based on largest impact.

5. Investment Discussion

Powerful tool to help you reach your goals. Understanding key elements of how your investments work is important to avoiding costly mistakes.

6. Monitor Progress

Life is constantly changing. We check in regularly to make sure you are on track to achieve your goals and adjusting to life as new opportunities develop.

Level Up Financial Strategy Guide Pricing

Investment Management on accounts greater than $350,000 waives the fees listed below.

Recent Grad

$299 Up Front + 1.5%
of Income
(Min $90/month)

Estimate Cost

Single Professional

$599 Up Front + 1.5%
of Income

Estimate Cost

Professional w/Family

$899 Up Front + 1.5%
of Income
(Min $155/month)

Estimate Cost

Level Up Investment Management Pricing

The biggest risk that leads to poor investment performance is investor behavior.   My goal for you is to avoid making behavioral mistakes. Investment Management on accounts greater than $350,000 waives personal strategy guides upfront & monthly cost. *Investment Strategies Carry Additional Cost

Annual Investment Management Cost

0.9% Annual Cost

Estimate Cost
  • Investments That Align With Your Risk Tolerance, Goals, Timeline, & Tax Status
  • Exchange Traded Fund(ETFs) Based Portfolios
  • Costs Are Prorated And Paid Quarterly
  • Access To Performance Portal
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