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Why Cryptocurrencies Are Not a Good Fit for My Clients

Cryptocurrency hype has finally calmed down and I am extremely thankful. I am less worried for those who have no idea of how these assets work accidentally shooting themselves in the foot gambling away any savings they may have accumulated. Sure plenty of people have made money and it’s possible that many still could. Other…
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September 4, 2018 0

My Employer Does Not Offer a 401(k) Strategy Guide

My Employer Does Not Offer a 401(k) Strategy Guide So your employer either does not provide a 401(k), you are too new, you are an intern or part-time employee. That is okay, you still have options. Just because you do not have access to a 401(k), doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start thinking about long-term goals.…
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August 12, 2018 0

Do I Need a 20% Down Payment for Home Purchase Strategy Guide

Saving for a home can sometimes feel like chasing a moving target. This can be very frustrating as you are trying to achieve one of your family’s important life goals. Most people think that saving 20% for their down payment is the only logical way to gain access to their first home, but actually, there…
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July 24, 2018 0

How to Build Wealth Strategy Guide

Building wealth does not happen overnight. It takes a lifetime of key decisions and often in the face of complexity and many unknowns. I’ve always viewed life as a game. As you age or progress in level, you need to use a combination of skills you learned from earlier to overcome new unique challenges. In…
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July 5, 2018 0

How to Be a Baller on a Budget Strategy Guide

Most Americans are spending way more than they should just to keep up with their friends and family. This causes their finances to be out of line with what truly is important to them. If this rings true for you, I want to suggest a few ways that you can either cut back on spending,…
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June 11, 2018 0

Strategy Guide: Estate Planning for Families and Partners

Game over, man. Talking about death is never something people are dying to do, but I still encourage my clients through this process because it is a major topic that needs to be covered in order to ensure your family has a well-rounded plan. Not only should they think about what great things they want…
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May 16, 2018 0

New Entrepreneur Financial Strategy Guide

Congratulations on your being an entrepreneur! One of the often overlooked aspects of going out on your own is being able to build your strategy from the ground up. Most new ventures have to start with an income of $0 the first day and it becomes a building process of both spreading the word about…
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May 1, 2018 0

Life Insurance for Growing Families Strategy Guide

If you are reading this post, congrats, your life is definitely more complicated than when you just had to worry about you and yourself. It may be that things are getting serious with your significant other or maybe you already have a growing family and were too busy to incorporate life insurance into your planning.…
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April 25, 2018 0

Why Achieving Short-Term Goals are More Important Than Achieving Long-Term Goals

The journey is more important than the destination.  However, you also don’t want the destination to be a pit of misery because you lived it up a little bit too much on your journey.  Often times, when it comes to financial planning, I hear from prospective new clients that although they think saving for the…
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March 17, 2018 0

What to Do With Your Old 401(k) Strategy Guide

  You have how many retirement accounts?  It’s really easy to have multiple retirement accounts out there from previous employers and feel overwhelmed with keeping track of them.  Whether you have one or many accounts floating around out there, this guide will help you determine what your options are.   Step 1.  Find Out Where…
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February 26, 2018 0

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