10 Holiday Shopping Tips Strategy Guide

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10 Holiday Shopping Tips Strategy Guide

November 22, 2017 Budget Credit Cards Gifting Holidays Strategy Guide 0

It’s Turbo Time!  Yes, that’s technically from a movie that occurs on Christmas Day, but the madness is the equivalent to Black Friday shopping.  This week many will descend on shopping malls as soon as they finish off their turkey dinner.  With that in mind, I want to give you a few tips to survive your holiday shopping.

(Updated Video for 2018, Top 3 Tips)

  1. Have a spending limit.  It’s really easy to get into the holiday spirit and use your credit card to extend what you can really afford.
  2. Decide if you want to do quantity or quality.  Quantity means more gifts and quality would mean fewer gifts, but hopefully higher perceived and actual value.
  3. Research ahead of time.  This will allow you to find sale opportunities and research reviews from the comfort of your home.
  4. Avoid impulse purchases. You are likely going to be online and in-store more than you normally are and it may be tempting to treat yourself. Instead, add the item to your wish list.
  5. Make something. How do you buy something for someone who has everything they want already? Well, you can make them a truly unique gift. This takes a little more time, but will likely be a cherished gift for many years.
  6. Bake something. Everyone loves desert! Baking a tasty treat is a great low-cost way to spread your giving a little further.
  7. Take advantage of free shipping. If you decide to purchase online, most retailers offer free shipping for a majority of the holidays.
  8. Do you have to ship the gift?  Provide yourself enough lead time to avoid expedited shipping charges.
  9. Be present.  Great pun right? This is probably the best gift you can give to anyone. Make time for and be engaged with the time you spend with your loved ones.
  10. Memories over things. Physical gifts often have their own expiration date. Creating a fun memory is a great way to guaranty a successful holiday season. (You may be interested in: What I Would Do with 5-Years to Live)


  • If you pay off your credit card balance every month and keep to a budget you can afford out of your monthly cash flow, use a rewards credit card to earn cash back or travel miles.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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