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Stephen Alred Jr. on why he created a startup engine

Creating a Startup Engine w/Stephen Alred Jr.

Creating a Startup Engine Video August 08, 2019 Lucas Casarez CFP® / Stephen Alred Jr. Stephen actually has a background in financial services and entrepreneurship. He shares how his previous experiences inspired him to build a Startup Engine (ecosystem development system). Summary of topics covered: Drawing from previous career Accelerator Cold calling/emailing Venture capital Silicon Valley Road blocks City benefits of workforce development Minority founders Startup engine (ecosystem development system) Strengthening communities (Introduce 30,000- 50,000 jobs)…
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Recession Proofing Your Career: Podcast

July 25, 2019Lucas Casarez CFP® / Sami Gardner @ Career Kickstart Sami Gardner is not your typical career coach who helps her clients build a recession proof career. Her unique background and skills have allowed her to build multiple income streams while traveling the world as a digital nomad. Hold onto your seat because we cover a lot of ground in this one and practically anyone who listens should easily be able to find at…
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Impostor Dumb Vs. Impostor Syndrome with Nick Armstrong: Podcast

May 30, 2019 Lucas Casarez CFP® / Nick Armstrong @ WTF Marketing Show Summary Nick comes from a family o developers, so it wasn’t a shock when he started his tech career. However, his career journey took a dramatic change when he was faced with a life-threatening and life-changing event. His thoughts on “impostor syndrome” Self awareness/discovery Navigating a life threatening event Having a mentor Working with people that are smarter than you Stay till…
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