The Wealth of Being in Tech with Valerie

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The Wealth of Being in Tech with Valerie

July 14, 2020 Financial Behavior Goals Podcast Software Developer Tech Career tech podcast 0

Valerie is the Executive Director at Tech By Choice and a Senior Software Engineer at Mastery Logistics. She holds a BS in Psychology & Art. Valerie is passionate about creating secure human-centered digital experiences. As a successful self-taught developer, Valerie started Tech By Choice to give back to the community that helped her succeed.

Valerie shares her journey into tech from being a Psychology major to becoming a senior software engineer and the founder of Tech By Choice.

We cover the following topics in her interview:

  • Choosing tech over her psychology & art degree
  • Tech is more than just coding
  • What is the “black tax”
  • How she discovered the importance of managing her money
  • Helping others enter and Level Up in tech
  • Being kinder to ourselves—Ky9UVSKyciad9Q
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