Who Level Up Financial Planning Serves

Level Up Financial Planning specializes in serving tech professionals. I undersand the importance of finding balance between having an awesome life today, but being confident and excited about your future possibilities.

To help you START quickly and Level Up to where you want to be faster, I offer multiple levels of service. 


Your finances are not extremely complex and you just have a few questions you need answered at a high-level.

Best for: Early Career, Bootcamp Grad, or DIYers


You have complex finances and you do not have the time or desire to make sure you are not making a mistake. You also want to make sure you are on track with a real plan.

Best for: Techies who place a high-value on time & income of $100,000 or more.

Wealth Management

You have begun building wealth, but are not totally sure how it works or how it translates to you reaching your goals. 

Best for: Techies who want to make sure their investments match up with their financial plan.

Team Workshop

Your teams’ wellness is an important part of your total compensation package. Studies have shown financial stress impacts employee productivity.

Best for: Employers who want to provide financial wellness at scale.

Why Level Up Financial Planning

When it comes to your finances and more specifically your life, you deserve someone who will work along side you. 


Trust is the cornerstone of any valuable relationship and the trust that my clients have in me is not taken lightly. It may start initially as a feeling, but throughout the Level Up process, it will be backed up as I work with you to ensure that you are not only on track but Leveling Up as a result of our partnership.


Transparency is a critical component of establishing a trusted relationship. As such, I am an open book and provide my pricing directly on my site so you can begin to identify the cost of investing in my services.

Fee-Only Financial Planning

As a fee-only financial planner. I am never paid by an outside party to influence the service you receive. Also, not all financial advisors are financial planner. While financial advisors typically only work with your investments. Financial planners help you plan for your current reality and guides you on how to best achieve your goals.


A fiduciary standard is the highest level of care for clients. Being a fiduciary requires that your interest are always at the heart of every plan and recommendation. 


The collaboration process is ongoing and is what breathes life into your financial strategy guide. Before I can help you optimize a plan that empowers you to live your best life and be excited about your future, we need dig into what really matters.

About Lucas Casarez

LLucas Casarez financial planner fort collinsucas Casarez is a Certified Financial Planner and Founder of Level Up Financial Planning, Power Up Tax Planning Services, and the Techie Personal Finance Bootcamp Podcast.


Lucas’s biggest “why” is his family: his wife Brittany, his son Avery & daughters Emma & Eleanor.

It is because of his family, that he first started to realize that money is not the goal. Wealth is not the goal. Living an amazing life is the goal. This is reflected in the way Lucas approaches financial planning for his clients.

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Lucas Casarez, CFP®

The Impact of the Pandemic on Your Finances

If you are anything like my family, your spending habits have changed significantly during the pandemic. If you managed to maintain employment throughout this whole period, then you may have found that your savings accounts actually increased. Or maybe you are a stress shopper and managed to find more ways to spend money now that you have more time on your hands. Either way, your spending habits are likely to change again as we approach

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Stimulus Checks 3.0 Summary of Key Details

After congress passed the most recent stimulus (which included something called a vote-a-rama) there are a lot of new details to cover! Stimulus Checks The big news was the approval of Stimulus checks of $1,400. Similar to the previous rounds of stimulus payments, this will be an advanced credit. This will be in advance of  your 2021 tax return. The previous two stimulus checks were advanced credits on your 2020 return. Even though that sounds

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Making Smart Money Moves in 2021

Make SMART Financial Moves in 2021 We made it to 2021! A year like 2020 stretched us thin in many aspects of our lives and that may have included your finances. If you feel you can improve on your finances in 2021 and want to make it a priority, I want to provide you a framework to get started in 2021.  Improving your finances is more than dollars and cents, which is why it is

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Redefining Happiness with Michael Liendo

Michael Liendo recorded a live stream with me for this episode.  Michael is a self-taught developer who is currently a senior software engineer and AWS community builder.  In this episode, Michael shares his career journey and how his family has been a massive motivation in not only breaking into tech but also not settling for positions that are not a good fit, even if it comes with a lot of perks. As well as, the

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Couples Finances
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9 Tips to Manage Your Inheritance

This strategy guide on how you manage your inheritance is much overdo. The truth is, discussing an inheritance is never a fun topic, but I know how important it is to my clients that they manage their inheritance responsibly. Here are nine important tips you need to consider to make sure you can confidently manage your inheritance:

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Lucas Casarez, CFP®

It’s a Wonderful Life (10 Money Lessons)

Sorry for any spoilers, but this movie came out in 1946 so…. A few reasons why this movie has been one of my favorites for most of my adulthood is because I worked at a community bank, similar to the Bailey Bros Building and Loan & when I was 20 one of my close childhood friends passed away.  Not a money lesson, but just something interesting that happens early in the movie. The Spanish flu

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