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Impostor Dumb Vs. Impostor Syndrome with Nick Armstrong: Podcast

May 30, 2019 Lucas Casarez CFP® / Nick Armstrong @ WTF Marketing Show Summary Nick comes from a family of developers, so it wasn’t a shock when he started his tech career. However, his career journey took a dramatic change when he was faced with a life-threatening and life-changing event. His thoughts on “impostor syndrome” Self-awareness/discovery Navigating a life-threatening event Having a mentor Working with people that are smarter than you Stay till the end…
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July 2, 2019 0

New Entrepreneur Financial Strategy Guide

Congratulations on your being an entrepreneur! One of the often overlooked aspects of going out on your own is being able to build your strategy from the ground up. Most new ventures have to start with an income of $0 the first day and it becomes a building process of both spreading the word about you, your service, or product and most importantly delivering value. Starting from scratch isn’t all that bad though, as there…
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May 1, 2018 0