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I have Jason Humphrey on the show and I met Jason online originally because he creates a ton of value-packed content on LinkedIn. And when you create awesome content, people tend to like it and share it. And that’s how it came across my feed. 

Jason helps coding Bootcamp, students land their first high paying job as a professional software developer. And in this episode, Jason talks about his own personal journey where he wasn’t as career-focused early on in his career. And how advice from one of his mentors transformed his career! He also shares tips on prepping for your interview and how crucial emotional intelligence is in your career.  

  • Driving value in communication
  • Power of one good question
  • Coaching’s impact on Jason’s career
  • Understand what the market is telling you (market analysis)
  • Mine LinkedIn for Data
  • What words to use on LinkedIn
  • How to be confident
  • Controlling the 24-hour window before an interview
  • The importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in your career

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