Value and Cost of Working with Level Up Financial Planning

Take your financial confidence to the next level!

Value and Cost of Working with Level Up Financial Planning

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Can You Improve Your Finances?

Improving your finances allows you to have confidence that your goals are attainable. That confidence is the key to unlocking future possibilities and opportunities. 

Leveling Up Is Permanent!

If you do not believe you can level up, then we are not a good fit. 

If you are excited to level up, here is where I may add value:

  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Strategy
  • Working with an Expert
  • Avoiding Big Mistakes

Think about the dramatic impact of making even just a small improvement.

Most of my clients experience value in more than one way!

I am most excited about working with you the more value I am able to provide you.

Cost of Financial Planning

Old School Cost Structure

There are two common methods that financial planners traditionally are paid:

  • Commissions for sale of investments or insurance
  • Percentage of investments managed

I firmly believe that most commission-based planners are a poor choice for most. They are focussed on the next sale and not on their clients best interest.

My two biggest gripes with the financial planners who charge based on investments are that they tend to not provide additional value outside of the investment management and they either ignore small clients or have high investment minimums that limit access to real financial planning to those who may need financial planning services most.

Level Up’s Cost Structure

Recently, a new pricing structure has surfaced that allows those who do not meet traditional financial planner limits but would still find tremendous value in working with a financial planner who puts your interest ahead of their own.

Instead of paying through your investments and requiring a minimum investment, Level Up focuses on where we feel we add the highest value, the process of financial planning. 

  • Based on your current financial life’s complexity
  • Flexibility to pay through bank or investment
  • Can be paid monthly or quarterly

This cost structure is fair and transparent.

It also puts the responsibility on us to deliver on providing value to you. If we fail to provide value, it is easy for you to discontinue our relationship.

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