Why I Started Techie Personal Finance Bootcamp Podcast

Take your financial confidence to the next level!

Why I Started Techie Personal Finance Bootcamp Podcast

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In this episode, I outline the major challenges facing tech employees in their 20’s & 30’s that play an important role in their life.

These challenges don’t just impact your financial confidence but bleeds into all facets of your life: employment, personal health, family life, and social interactions.

My goal of this show is to provide you the education and knowledge you need to increase your financial confidence so that you are empowered to live the best life possible.

In addition to educational-based episodes, I’ll also have special guests who are related to the tech industry to share their unique stories and provide additional insight and inspiration about how you may navigate your career path.

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Lucas Casarez is a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional serving tech professionals virtually out of Fort Collins, CO

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