Reinventing Yourself with John Marty

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Reinventing Yourself with John Marty

October 10, 2019 Coding Bootcamp Employment Entrepreneur Financial Behavior Life Planning Podcast Tech Career 0

John Marty has had a crazy career.

After starting his career as a young entrepreneur he found a lot of success. However, things changed rapidly and he was soon unemployed with no real prospects. 

Listen to the episode to see how he reinvented himself and is now a Product Manager at Amazon and uses his experience to empower others through content on LinkedIn, YouTube, and public speaking.

We cover the following in the show.

  • Navigating Entrepreneurship
  • Struggling with Unemployment
  • Asking Yourself Meaty Questions
  • Learning Through Reading
  • Coding Bootcamp while Hating Coding
  • Making Bold Moves
  • MBA Wasn’t Enough
  • Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn
  • Researching College and Career Path
  • Investments in Property

The Happiness Hypothesis
Man’s Search for Meaning

John’s YouTube: Career Strategies to Land in Big Tech
LinkedIn Profile

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