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Joe Previte is a developer, a teacher, and creator of Vim for VSCode. In his spare time, he enjoys creating videos for egghead, writing articles relating to coding, and participating in an online meditation study group.

Joe shares the details of his journey from his decision to drop out of grad school and pursuing a career as a developer. Be sure to listen to the end where he opens up about the early obstacle he faced that not many people would have been able to overcome. 

  • Dropping out of grad school
  • Choosing Free Code Camp over a Coding Bootcamp
  • Participating in #100 days of code
  • Pair programming to stay focused           
  • Immersing yourself into the tech world 
  • Tips to reach out to strangers to build your community
  • 2 Week Product Challenge & Indie Hacking
  • VIM for VS Code Book
  • Freedom of time
  • How to come back from failure

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